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Why Embedding Sustainability?

We live in times of high uncertainty and volatility, where “Change” is no more a luxury but an imperative for survival of businesses and society. The early adopters of the new paradigm are those who reap the golden fruits.

We believe that Sustainability is the best tool – if not the only – for securing your business long term profitability.

Not just this: we know that it is possible to improve the performance and business results of any industry by pursuing strategic sustainability, provided you know some essential “rules of the game” and you embed sustainability into every process of your organization.

Embedded Sustainability happens to be walking the talk of business excellence.

BUilding on your own intelligence and resources.

Providing expertise from other Industries and research.

Improving business models, products and processes.

What is Embedded Sustainability (*)?

The Embedded Sustainability approach bridges Visionary Leadership and Sustainable Innovation. Putting strategic thinking and concrete action together brings the focus back on increasing the profits by greater satisfaction of the Company’s Stakeholders Needs and the full deployment of the Organization’s development potential.

Compared to traditional “cost-cutting”, or the “PR operations” of CSR, Embedded Sustainability addresses Risk Management holistically, fosters disruptive innovation and opens new business potentials, while increasing the engagement of the Company’s Stakeholders at all levels.

We know that Sustainability delivers all of its advantages best when it’s embedded in all the processes of a business. Provided such conditions are matched, we know that bold objectives like Zero Waste and Full Circular Production Cycle are achievable and highly rewarding.

(*) Embedded Sustainability is a definition coined by authors Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva. It is with their kind approval that we use such term.


The next step after the Baseline Report is a deep on-site analysis of your Organization’s leadership, organizational model and processes. After that we can assemble the right Team to work on your case, selecting the best professionals in our international network. 

Our approach combines the CASE© leadership methodology with Systemic Design and Zero Waste Engineering. Together with your Team we perform a Full Assessment using a list of KLIs (Key Leading Indicators), grouped in the following Areas:

  1. Leadership
  2. Policies & Strategy
  3. People & Knowledge
  4. Partnerships & Resources
  5. Processes

The Full Assessment and its KLIs will serve to jointly design a tailored Road Map and set the signposts for checking the progress of your Company along the journey to Embedded Sustainability and the reaping of its fruits.

If you are ready to reap the fruits of doing business in the new paradigm, we are ready to serve as your temporary Advisory Board on Embedded Sustainability.

The Embedded Sustainability Initiators

The Embedded Sustainability Initiative is a methodology initiated by experienced entrepreneur and Leadership coach Federico Fioretto and Zero Waste innovation expert Alexander Prinsen.
Our partnership combines
Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Innovation and Leadership into one.

We know from experience that Sustainability can have a long lasting positive impact. We bring the pragmatic “how to” to your business so that you too can benefit from the many opportunities of the new industrial paradigm. We look forward to serve your business
in the journey to sustainable success.

Email: info (at)


Federico Fioretto 

Italian Office
Gazzola (PC), Il Piano, 1
Phone: +39 345 4669446


Alexander Prinsen 

Netherlands Office
Rotterdam, Vletstraat 64A
Phone: +31 6 1665 4569


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