Our objective is to make your Organization autonomous in the pursuit of its Sustainability objectives, thus we work to nourish, unleash and maximize the efficiency of your Company’s inherent potential.

The world lives a systemic crisis. Industry seems to clash with both the public opinion and the environment.  Conventional business wisdom of “going on as usual”, squeezing the production factors in order to keep the bottom line positive, cannot cope any more.

The Embedded Sustainability Initiative Approach (ESIA) is built on the top of thorough research and exciting success stories from around the world of business that we have access to.

The cornerstones of ESIA is to consider your Company within the entire ecosystem into which it operates and to support it in achieving its best performance and profitability in a systemic balance with the whole. Doing this right requires precise knowledge of the Needs of your Stakeholders and an analysis of the best possible integration of all of the processes within the system.

We combine the CASE© leadership methodology with Systemic Design and Zero Waste Engineering. Systemic Design and Zero Waste Engineering are a set of highly specialized business improvement skills based on knowledge of the processes with which Nature manages the input and output of resources. They come into play especially in the Analytic and in the Strategic phases of CASE©.

The CASE© Method framework supports the transformation of conflicts between Priorities, Objectives and Needs in Multi-Stakeholder contexts. This framework has the capacity to make out the interrelation between such factors and the reciprocal capacity of the players to cooperate in the pursuit of each one’s own vision, synergistically with the others.

The method is structured through four phases: the Cognitive, the Analytic, the Strategic and the Executive.


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