How does it Work

Every improvement process needs a baseline. It’s also always best to build on what is already there, rather than to throw away years of experience and start anew every time.

In order to kick-start your organization on the fruitful journey towards Embedded Sustainability, we have developed the Survey, which is structured as follows:

The first Section, evaluates the critical risk factors in the processes of your organization that may be fruitfully addressed by implementing Embedded Sustainability.

The second Section, assesses if and to what extent you are already implementing some of the Best Practices of Sustainability, highlighting the Value that is already inherent in your Company’s processes and pointing out the main priority improvements needed.

What you Get

Benchmark Scoring

Benchmark scoring

A Benchmark scoring your Organization on the major Best Practices characterizing the frontrunners in Sustainability strategy. This Section gives a first effective insight of how you are running today compared to the “Best in Class” along the Embedded Sustainability journey. In this way we can help you more effectively to make the lead. The factors of this section have also been organized in areas:

  • Leadership
  • Embedded Sustainability
  • Stakeholders Relationship
Synthetic Report

Baseline Report

The actual Baseline Report from our Assessment Team based on elaboration of the results of the Survey and on publicly available information about your Company. From this Report you can place your organization in the framework of Embedded Sustainability. The Report highlights where your company can maximize the outcome of concentrating its initial sustainability effort. It is also the document where our team indicates the fundamental lines of your future strategy leading towards a fully Embedded Sustainability and your holistic future fitness.

schematic overview

Unique Insight and Perspective

A unique Insight and Perspective of some major sensitive factors of your Company’s competitiveness and future fitness that Embedded Sustainability can help you improve. ESI Assessment Tool gives our team a deep insight of the Company. Our International Team then brings a perspective look at how much you need speed up your Sustainability effort, and in which areas, based on the actual context of your Organization.

Such factors have been organized in the following areas:

  • Resources
  • Environmental
  • Supply Chain
  • Labour
  • Innovation
  • Capital


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