The Embedded Sustainability Initiative was initiated by largely experienced professionals in the field. Its methodology and the Assessment Tool were developed to be practical instruments for spreading Sustainable Innovation practices throughout the whole spectrum of business, both by raising awareness on the issue and advising Companies and Organizations Worldwide on how to best benefit from them.


LL.M.  MS in Communication, specialized at Harvard University in Sustainability Systems Management. 30+ years of experience as entrepreneur and consultant, trainer on leadership, conflict transformation, and strategic sustainability.

I have created The CASE© Method for Sustainable Leadership: transforming conflicts by effective communication;

In 2014 – 2015 have been one of the only two Europeans chosen by US President Barack Obama’s legacy program YALI to train the new generation of leaders for the future of Africa;

Since 2017 I am a partner of the Smart Industry Forum, an international initiative to develop new leadership and business models for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Mission:  to inspire people who are ready to unleash their potential, breakthrough into excellence and generate new beauty and prosperity in the World.

Motto: It’s Possible!


MSc in Civil Engineering from Technical University Delft. 20+ years experience as Strategy and Business consultant on Recruitment, Innovation and Startups, trainer and facilitator on Zero Waste Innovations, Circular Business Models and Business Development.

Since 2013 I’m researching, mapping and visiting global Zero Waste Innovations specifically focusing on those cases solving Waste and Emissions challenges. On this journey I am mentored by Entrepreneurs, Designers and Scientists to apply Physics, Biology and Chemistry to solve these challenges.

I have trained myself on the concepts of the Blue Economy, Bionics/Biomimicry, Performance Economy, Cradle to Cradle and Regenerative Economy.

Mission: inspire Business Leaders and Companies to generate more value from business (Eco)nomics using (Eco)logy as reference.

Motto: Do or DO NOT, There is NO Try.


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